Monday, March 26, 2012

Sustainable Cycle of Life

It's that time of year to start thinking about sustainable living again...

It seems that I go in cycles of focusing on living responsibly. Unfortunately, Tennessee has been a harder place to live green. The town we live in doesn't even have curbside recycling as an option! Which means more work for us! Heaven forbid!

But seriously. In our busy lives, between jobs and family and meals and errands, finding the time to go drive over to the recycling center isn't always the most important priority. However, with the start of spring and all of the rebirth of plants and now a more settled pace of life personally, I feel like I can once again focus on living sustainably. I found myself thinking about how I could reuse some food containers as "tupperware" for lunches. I found myself thinking that I should use my "shreddings" as gift stuffing. I found myself using the back sides of paper at work for my scratch paper. I found myself really excited about the steal-of-a-deal jeans that I found at Goodwill.

What else can I be doing? What do I have that I don't need? How can I be living more simply. I amd finding myself beginning to get back in that mode. Especially with Earth Day coming up in a few weeks, I want to start thinking about what I want to do. I've never done anything specifically for this day, but have always wanted to. So, I figure, if I start to think about it now, maybe I'll physically do something this year!

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