Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fresh Tracks

There's something so beautiful and exciting about the untouched blanket of a snowfall. Even if there is a path hiding below the snow, your footprints are making the path as you walk across it. YOU leave your mark. We have so many opportunities to make our own fresh tracks in our daily lives.

Thanks for joining me here at Fresh Tracks! I am a person who is always learning and creating and growing! Sometimes maybe too much! I often feel like I have too many hobbies to delve completely in all of them, but I love learning new and different things. I love learning from others out there and maybe some of my thoughts and ideas can inspire you to create and try new things too.

I also get really excited about the LITTLE things in life. I'm a simple person really - ok sometimes, not really - but I strive to be. But really, the things that bring most joy are the little things - like taking a walk right after a perfect snowfall. Thanks for joining me in my adventures!

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