Sunday, April 3, 2011

Simply Organized: Plastic Bins

How do you stay organized when you like to try new things and your husband does too? One of my best solutions so far: plastic bins. Depending on the size of your hobbies, you can use whatever size works best. In our case, I buy the 20 gallon plastic bins from the hardware store.

We have now collected about twenty bins already that house anything from our electrical cords to camping gear to extra sheets. I like to buy the bigger bins because I know I will have plenty of space for multiple items. To go out and buy a ton of bins might be a big chunk of money all at once. I have simply bought a few bins here and there as I have needed them. Don't feel pressure to have it all perfect immediately. Our homes are a work in progress!

Why I love these bins?

* they are strong! (much better than cardboard boxes)
* they can easily stack and store in an organized way
* I don't have to look at what is inside of them if I don't want to (I tend to buy the opaque containers)
* Since we have moved a few times in the last few years, I feel more sustainable since I'm buying a permanent moving solution, rather than buying boxes I'll dispose of later
* I feel good about having important mementos in them since water can't get in if there is a flood in the basement
* it's easy to just grab the bins we need for an excursion, like when we go camping, we just grab the camping bins and everything is in one place
* everything I need is in its own bin. everything has their space and I know where to go for that item!
* plastic bins are easy to reuse over and over again over the years

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