Sunday, December 25, 2011

Green Resolutions Met

It's that time of year where we start to think about resolutions for the new year - making fresh tracks if you will. Sometimes when we start thinking about looking forward, we forget to remember what we have done.

I've had a chance to think a lot recently about ways I can be more sustainable and responsible in my life, and as I explore this endeavor, I want to compile a list of what I'm already doing. Maybe some of these ideas can give you ideas.

1. Using a reusable water bottle for taking water to work each day. No disposable bottles for me!
2. Take my lunch to work regularly - less waste from fast food packaging.
3. Print household documents on the other side of paper.
4. Cut paper that's been printed on already on one side into quarters for notepad paper
5. Reuse tissue paper and decorative bags for wrapping gifts.
6. Leave curtains closed to block drafts in the winter time. Opening blinds when the sun is shining directly in for the light and the heat.
7. Cut up tshirts into rags, which we use to clean all sorts of surfaces.
8. Read books from the library! (keeps my house from cluttering up too!)
9. When I do buy books, buy them used
10. Use vinegar solutions to clean my windows and surfaces.
11. When I can, buy household items and clothes from the thrift store. (fulfills the thrill of the hunt too!)
12. We eat the venison from the many deer that the hubbs shoots each year. We hardly ever buy meat.
13. Combining trips with errands. Running errands annoys me, so when I can combine them it saves me time and gas.
14. I regularly wash our clothes in cold water; very rarely in warm water.
15. We don't use fabric softener, nor dryer sheets.
16. Of course, we use CFL's as much as possible
17. I've gotten in a good habit of using my reusable shopping bags (it took a while for me to remember them!)
18. As mentioned in an earlier post, I use grocery plastic bags that my parents have generously given me, for scooping up the poopies poop.
19. We reuse wine,whiskey, and coke bottles as taper candle holders.
20. All of my throw pillows have been recovered with old curtains, sweatshirts, or other extra fabrics.

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