Sunday, December 25, 2011

Making Fresh Tracks with Responsible Living

So, now that I've taken a look at what I've already accomplished in living responsibly, I have a good idea of the things I want to work on moving forward.

1. Eating less packaged food. This also goes with our goal to eat healthier. The less packaged the food it, the more natural the food is.

2. Recycle more. Basically, we need to move out of our condo to a place where we can recycle.

3. Unplug our power cords more often. I know it's not realistic to do it every time, but if it's the majority, I'd be happy.

4. Eat out less often = less paper waste

5. Eat less non-free trade chocolate. Can I possible go all the way with this? I love chocolate so much...

6. Resist the urge to buy new. Have a sustainable perspective when I shop.

7. What resources do I have (money, food, time, care) that could benefit others?

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