Tuesday, May 15, 2012

AK is O.K. - fresh tracks in alaska

Our fresh tracks led from Tennessee all the way up to Alaska last week!  This was a new adventure for both me and the hubbs.  We literally were able to make fresh tracks - in the snow!  Hubbs went back-country skiing in fresh powder!  And we've both wanted to go to Alaska!

In honor of our trip (and to add a little whimsy), I decided to make some Alaska shirts for our trip.  One of those viral pins on Pinterest about bleaching t-shirts with a bleach pen was my inspiration.

Take One:  Bleach Pen T-shirt

1.  I decided on the phrase for the shirt "AK is o.k." and googled images for moose heads to emulate.

2.  I used stickers to place out a rough guideline as to where I would "draw" with the bleach.

3.  I placed a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt so that the bleach would not bleed through to the back.  

4.  I used that dexterity God gave me and my design education from Judson University to sketch out the image on the shirts.  

5.  Sadly, the bleach did not work out as I had hoped.  The bleach was too sloppy and runny on my shirt, so I decided I had to scrap that.  Then, the hubbs' shirt (below), which was made of a softer cotton, would not bleach.  After I washed the shirt, you could not tell that any bleach had been soaking on the shirt at all!

Take Two:  Screen Printing Ink!

1.  I headed on over to the craft store to look for fabric paint and left with this:  

2.  I followed the instructions on the bottle and here were the results!  It was super easy!

Moral of the story:  AK is not just o.k. - It's Amazing!

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