Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gothic Halloween

As the merchandiser for a local high-end optical, I wanted to make sure that any holiday decor stayed classy, yet still featured the merchandise well.  For Halloween, I had a $50 budget for merchandising/decor and I wanted to make that stretch as far as I could.  So...I hit the thrift store!  I found fabulous candle holders and a brass candelabra.  All were different heights and different shapes.  I also found gorgeous orange candles from Bed, Bath & Beyond and fake spider webbing from the grocery store.  A few coats of black spray paint later and a little creative arrangement made for an romantically spooky Halloween display that was perfect for the optical shop's all black frame line.  

Here is the final product:  

What we focused on with this project:
1.  Feature a frame line that normally gets left out of the spotlight, but is perfect for the Halloween season!
2.  Stay within budget...
3.  Create a clean, classy look that says "Halloween" without being too overt
4.  Reuse and repurpose items, rather than buying "all new"
5.  Create a display that has some versatile items that can be used in other seasonal displays (black candlesticks would look gorgeous with red candles for Valentine's...)

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